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  • Nutrition Articles

    - Are Artificial Sweeteners Fattening?
    - Low Vitamin K2 Linked to Calcified Arteries and Weak Bones
    - How to Make a Nutrition Handout
    - New U.S. Dietary Guidelines To Drop Cholesterol Limits
    - 3 Cancer Risk Reduction Strategies
    - More Whole Grains Led to Fewer Deaths
    - Are You Increasing Your Cancer Risk?
    - Low GI Diet, Cardiovascular Disease Risk, and Insulin Resistance
    - How Do Minerals Work: Part Two
    - Be Good to Your Heart for Heart Month: Display Ideas

  • Handout Articles

    - Whole Food Diet for Heart Health
    - A New Spin on Beets
    - MyPlate Activity Ideas
    - Fruit and Diabetes
    - Enjoy Summer Produce!
    - The Skinny on Protein
    - Dietary Consistency
    - Make Dessert Delightful!
    - Women and Iron: What You Need to Know
    - The Skinny on Sugar

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    - MyPlate Activity Ideas
    - Enjoy Summer Produce!
    - Beverage Calorie and Exercise Presentation
    - How to Make a Nutrition Handout
    - Activity Idea: Swat the Fly
    - Be Good to Your Heart for Heart Month: Display Ideas
    - Client-Generated Motivation
    - Physical Activity Guidelines and You
    - Diabetes Display with MyPlate
    - Model Cholesterol Damage in Your Hallway

  • Food Cooking

    - A New Spin on Beets
    - Fruit and Diabetes
    - Enjoy Summer Produce!
    - Make Dessert Delightful!
    - Women and Iron: What You Need to Know
    - Beverage Calorie and Exercise Presentation
    - The Skinny on Sugar
    - Spritz Up Your Salad!
    - New Salad Look: Stack It
    - Egg Shopping Cheat Sheet


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Patient education is always a challenge because:

  • Most consumers have little time for healthful habits.
  • They don’t know how to shop or cook well.
  • They want to fix their health problems right away.
  • And they receive a constant supply of inaccurate media information and ads.
  • Plus, you need a huge variety of information on never-ending topics!

Communicating Food for Health takes care of your patient education challenges:

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Recipes alt StephStephanie Correnti, RD, called us because she was getting ready for a few cooking parenthesisLdemonstrations and wanted to make things that her clients would really want to learn to prepare. They were requesting healthy ethnic dishes.We jumped on it, developing and photographing some great ethnic recipes for Stephanie and her clients. We made tasty Chicken Enchiladas, Curry Chicken, Lowfat Egg Rolls, and Fiesta Rice. Then we put the recipes and photos up in our member library. Now all of the Communicating Food for Health Members are benefiting from Stephanie's request too.

We bet you have some requests of your own.
Let us know what they are -- we would love to have them.

Diet alt 080420Victoria-076-EditVictoria Shanta Retelny, RD, LD, saved a lot of time one week because, when sheparenthesisL needed a few handouts for clients, she asked us to create them. Just like that, we wrote a few and sent them her way. She has also been a long-time reader and contributing editor for our publication.Thanks to Vicki, the handouts we crafted (one about the paleo diet and another about vegan eating) are now in the member library.
News Alt Screen shot 2013-03-28 at 8.03.15 AMElovia Peddle, MS, RD, LD, saved herself a ton of work by requesting some parenthesisLhandouts for her classes. She is teaching 12 different classes, including one about caffeine and chocolate for heart month.Now the handouts we crafted are in her inbox (and our member library). As we made the handouts, we were shocked to discover that some candies contain as much caffeine as 6 cups of coffee, and we were happy to list the heart benefits of cocoa powder along with some chocolate treats (with fewer than 100 calories each) and tips for using cocoa in cooking.
myths alt KarlaKarla Logston, RN, BS, CDE, requested an article about the latest TV gimmicks, likeparenthesisL Raspberry Ketones, Magic Tea etc. She told us that almost daily, her team talks to their members at events and and hears about something clients started because they saw it on Dr. Oz, etc.When the team had time to explore these approaches with those clients, they found out that the members are drinking unsweetened tea when they are hungry, so it’s not the “magic” tea, but the fact they are drinking something with zero calories that fills them up! Karla wants something to help debunk these myths and reveal the actual strategies behind them. There are now handouts and articles on all the latest TV ads in the library.

Thanks, Karla! Editors and dietitians are working on this project now.

Help alt Barbara Hart And Barbara Hart, MS, RD, requested lists of snacks for rural, low-incomeparenthesisL diabetes patients.Those lists are now posted to the library and recipe database. You can also use our great ideas to help you and your clients put simple, quick, and flavorful meals on the table every night.


parenthesisPut Our A-Team to Work for You!

Now, more than ever, you need compelling, accurate, science-based content from experts.

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Search any topic and find articles, recipes and handouts with our super search tool that brings back relevant results OR ask us to search.
Translate articles and handouts for non-English speaking clients (One reader uses the Arabic translator while another is now translating to Korean and Chinese for her clients)
Make your own handouts or copy to your blog or newsletter
Use ready-made handouts
Get great presentation ideas for your wellness fair, class, or lunch-and-learn session.
Use the recipes to write menus or to print for clients who need help with their diet
Find news and perspectives you won’t see anywhere else - we don’t use advertising so we can afford to have them
Use the Nutrition, Food and Health Observances calendar so you know what's hot this month: events, produce in season, recipes, handouts and clipart - it is even all linked to save more time.


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"I’ve found your information to be really helpful and use it for newsletters, educational and food prep programs and even on some webinars we have developed. The food prep programs help to pay for program materials such as my subscription to Food and Health! -- Regards, Julie B. England, Family and Consumer Sciences Agent II, University of Florida/IFAS Lake County Extension"

"Just a note to say that Communicating Food for Health is a great resource! You have so many great materials from handouts to lesson plans to clip art to articles, etc. I use them in so many different applications. Thanks for providing such a credible resource treasure!! --Marla Hill, RC, CD, Public Health Nutritionist, Marathon County Health Dept., Wausau, WI"

"I just finished writing the Family and Consumer Sciences district newsletter for July-August. I wanted you to know that I used information from the Communicating Food for Health newsletter and inserted some June clip art. Your information is timely and the clip art attractive and easy to use. Thanks go to you and your staff for being such a great resource." -- from survey

"Your publication and website are very helpful with content for programs and newsletters. I am always looking for credible information. When our budget cut funding for subscriptions, I was able to continue my subscription with the explanation that it was for program content not just another newsletter/magazine." -- from survey

"I find your newsletter very useful in my work. I like the fact that it is based on research and very up to date information." -- from survey

"Hello Judy-
I'm just getting a chance to email back to you and inform you how the cooking show went that I did with another RD. It aired for 2 weeks on our local TV station. I made the roasted vegetable dinner and the other RD made a quinoa pilaf to go with the veggies. It turned out great! We did different flavor sorbets with fresh berries and shavings of >70% cocoa chocolate on top for dessert--it all looked great on film! We highlighted the nutrition in this meal for cancer prevention during April Cancer Month! Thank you so much for your wonderful ideas--it was a good experience and I am glad I did it--I think it would be great to get RDs out in the public more spreading our passion for good health by good nutrition!
Thanks again Judy,
Leslie Neubecker-Czubko, RD
Registered Dietitian
Eaton Rapids Medical Center
Leslie received our feedback, research, recipes and handouts for her TV presentation - you can, too!

"Keep feeding us useful, practical ideas for nutrition education to help encourage and motivate people of all ages." -- from survey

“I just ordered my membership today and have already determined that the value and quality of what you provide is both incredible and excellent. Awesome, Thanks again!” – Christine Jacobson, R.D., L.D.

"Hi Judy, Thanks!!!! These ideas are great! You are always so helpful there are quite a few ideas I can use. I am working with the school nurse to use the fair as a kick off for the great calcium challenge the week after the event. Have a great day." -- Pat Hunter, RD

"I just want to take a moment to let you all know how much I appreciate CFFH! Your work, makes my job easier! Every time I am preparing for a presentation, I simply search the library and very easily find handouts that are just perfect for what I need. I don't know what I would od without my CFFH membership. I think it is essential for any Dietitian who is educating people about nutrition! LOVE IT!!" -- Melissa Dalton, MPH, RD, CD-N

"Thanks for asking for my input. I love your handouts!"
Christine Huff, RD, Outpatient Dietitian, Nutrition Counseling Services, Allegiance Health

"Judy- We have cut back in as many ways as possible, only subscibe to 2 newsletters now and yours is one of them! Thank you!" Barbara Griggs-Pratt, MA,R.D.,LDN, Nutrition Manager@ Wayne Memorial Hospital

"I want to thank you for being able to use your newsletter over the past 9 1/2 years. Your newsletter saved me so many times when I needed a last minute program or topic and was totally blank. Thank you for being there." - Marilyn Bullock, Texas Agri-Life Extension Service

"I appreciate having the sound nutrition information at my fingertips available for myself and my students." -- from survey

"I appreciate the quality of information you provide -- especially in teasing out the details missed by many more main stream media takes on recent research. I also like the product information and the distillation of the research into side bar guidelines that are easy to use with my client population." -- from survey

"Your publication and website are very helpful with content for programs and newsletters. I am always looking for credible information. When our budget cut funding for subscriptions, I was able to continue my subscription with the explanation that it was for program content not just another newsletter/magazine." -- from survey

"I find your newsletter very useful in my work. I like the fact that it is based on research and very up to date information." -- from survey

"Keep feeding us useful, practical ideas for nutrition education to help encourage and motivate people of all ages." -- from survey

"I do enjoy the copy-ready handouts which are good for educating the public in terms they can understand. The research topics have always been timely and interesting." -- from survey

"Communicating Food for Health Newsletter is on the cutting edge for lowfat recipes." Caroline Apovian, MD - Director of High Risk Obesity Clinic, Geisinger Medical Center, Danville, Pennsylvania

"I love your newsletter. I have been using the recipes with patients and will use them for our lowfat cooking class. The new product updates are great for sparking ideas for the supermarket column of our nutrition and food service newsletter." Lisa Heavin, RD, LD - Primary Care Dietitian, Diabetes Team.

"Communicating Food for Health Newsletter is the most useful publication that I have ever received. I see both private patients and teach weight management programs, and the participants look forward to anything that I distribute from Communicating Food for Health Newsletter. I have also taken advantage of the many interesting ideas that are presented in each issue." Carol Goldschein. - MS, RD, CDN

"The supermarket tour issue of Communicating Food for Health Newsletter was great. You've inspired me to change mine a little and add new things." Cheryl Jones Syracuse, Extension Agent, Family and Consumer Science, Ohio State University Extension.

"Thank you so much for all of your time on the phone and the emails! I'm finally getting your emails again:) They switched the date for the cooking show which is a much more appropriate time to prepare and practice and should tie in well with the ideas you gave me and CA awareness month for April! I appreciate you and your staff so much! Your website, newsletters etc have definitely been a lifesaver for me many times! I am the Chief Clinical Dietitian of a small hospital in Michigan and wear many hats--I need quick ideas!:) Thank you again, Leslie Neubecker-Czubko, RD, Registered Dietitian, Eaton Rapids Medical Center"


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